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solenoid gets hot

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  • solenoid gets hot

    Yamaha 2005 48 volt g22 after about running 20 min. will stop turn tow s/w off then on i hear solenoid click twice cart moves about a foot and stops after a 30/45 min. runs again for 10 /20 mins and stops. has been parked now 2-3 days several times i have been walking by the cart and I will hear the solenoid clicking once or twice all switch are in park. Like I had said at times as i walk by the cart I hear the solenoid click so I looked the cart over some more and discovered that when They had installed the lift kit they cut a few wires
    under the cart and spised them together 2 from the accelerator,and 3 from the directional switch just by touchng the red /white wire the solenoid clicks in I need help

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