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Need a little help with EZGO Gas

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  • Need a little help with EZGO Gas

    Bought a 1997 EZGO TXT last week. Previous owners were flipping it. The did however try to get it running first. They said it ran ok until it warmed up then it wouldn't restart until it cooled down. They had put a CDI and battery in it. They suspected it needed a coil and with a little research I thought ok that could be so I put a coil in it. It doesn't run right hot or cold. Low power occasional backfire and hesitation. So I decided to pull the carb off and clean that. Did that, no real change. Noticed that that the hose form the crankcase to air filter housing is missing so I ordered one but could that make it run so badly? I have also adjusted the valves to .004. Ideas?
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