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2013 RXV Accelerator Return Spring

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  • 2013 RXV Accelerator Return Spring

    Would a broken accelerator return spring make a cart not work at all? Is there a 'safety' that sees the accelerator pedal is not all the way reset to zero and will not allow the cart to move? I can hear the solenoid changing state. I hear the switch on the accel pedal (mizzo switch shown in left of second picture?) changing state.

    The heard the accelerator spring break, I parked the cart, the next day I drove somewhere and stopped, turned the cart off, and it would start again. I removed the accel pedal (unplugging both connections), plugged it all back in and it worked again, drove it for a couple days and it stopped working again. So it's a intermittent problem.

    Lastly, where do you find this spring?!? I have searched tons of sites and the only one I see that looks similar to this is part of an accelerator cable assemble. The spring is hooked onto the frame of the cart, the is a ball and stranded cord that goes inside the spring and attaches to a small cylinder that slides into a bracket on the front shaft of the accel pedal.

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    Hello mcmayber,

    It has to be purchased as an assembly with the cable

    I've attached a photo of the part and the parts manual
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    Michael Eddie


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