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Bad Coil Symptoms ?

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  • Bad Coil Symptoms ?

    I have a 2005 Club Car Turf 272 with the FE400 Engine , and It will not stay running . It cranks and runs 2-4 seconds and cuts off intermittently. I figured it was a fuel issue , so I cleaned out the tank and added new fuel , I have replaced the two external fuel filters , the fuel pump , and put new tubing from tank to fuel pump as well as from fuel pump to crankcase and carburetor , and still the same thing . I have been told it could be the coil , but could the coil cause these symptoms ? I have checked the plug , which is also new , and it is sparking consistently . Not sure if coil could be the issue or not , also curious about the RPM Limiter , and what symptoms would be if coil or RPM Limiter were either one bad . Anyone out there that has an answer for me ?

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    In my experience it won't spark strong enough to turn over or it will run until it's hot then not run again until it's cooled down. Did you clean out the jets in the carb? Sounds more like a gas issue to me, a clogged jet would cause your symptoms


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