Golf Cart Pre-Ride Checklist (Electric)


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  • Golf Cart Pre-Ride Checklist (Electric)

    This pre-ride checklist should be exercised every time you use your golf cart. Before you start, make sure the ignition is in the OFF position and the parking brake is applied.

    Pre-Ride Checklist:
    • Past and Current Charge
    • Battery Watering and Motor Cable Condition
    • Battery Inspection
    • Tire Condition
    • Reverse Buzzer
    • Steering System
    • Brake System
    • Body and Chassis
    Past and Current Charge - Lead Acid batteries should never be left more than 30 days with out being fully charged. Failure to keep your batteries charged can result in permanently decreasing the working life and run time of the battery group. In order to get the longest run time, fully charge your battery's before use, if you recently charged them, allow 30 minutes between charging and using the cart for a cool off period.

    Battery Watering and Motor Cable Condition - Make sure batteries are watered a half inch above the plates with distilled water. Visually inspect cables and connections running from the batteries and the motor. If breakage is suspected, tug on the cable to ensure a proper connection, and then repair any broken coating with electrical tape.

    Battery Inspection - Visually inspect all batteries and trays for corrosion, leaking, spilling, boil over. How to clean your batteries.

    Tire Condition - Make sure tire pressure is above 16 PSI. Check tire for damage, cracks, excessive wear and embedded objects.

    Reverse Buzzer - When shifting into reverse, the reverse buzzer should sound.

    Steering System - Jiggle the steering wheel to check for excessive play. Make sure there are no abnormal sounds coming from the system.

    Brake System - Check the brakes operation by pressing the pedal. Look underneath at cables and linkage to ensure proper movement.

    Body and Chassis - Visually inspect the body, frame and chassis for missing parts, rust, obscure objects, dirt, debris or loose nuts and bolts.
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