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How To troubleshoot battery not taking a charge (Gas)

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  • How To troubleshoot battery not taking a charge (Gas)

    This seems to be a re-occurring issue for a lot of cart owners.
    Ive run into 3 carts this season alone with battery issues.

    First issue:
    Battery not holding a charge
    Explained For: G1 Yamaha, 84 EZGO, and 03 Club Car DS.

    If your cart starts and you can drive after you put the battery on the charger. Your in pretty good shape. You can rule out your starter generator is not fried. ( this is what i have found ) so the cost to fix your cart is a lot cheaper.

    Here's some help for some of you dealing with this problem.
    You need to look closely at your wiring. Spend a good five minutes. You may need to blow off everything with a air compressor to see everything. Make sure your electrical connections are all tight. (Note: do not over tighten anything) From experience most connection will snap from over tightening. Loose connections are a big headache. They tend to be the source of a lot of problems and my fix yours. Loose wires tend to arc out and cause heat. Insulation begins to melt away which can land you in some trouble with wires grounding out.

    G1 Yamaha
    I found 2 problems, 1st- the positive side terminal of the battery was touching the frame. Installed a plastic side terminal cap, duct tape, and for extra precaution an thin piece of wood paneling. Which when we wedged it in, the battery was more solid and didn't move.

    2nd- I found an accessory still drawing power while the key to the cart was turned off. ( volt meter was still showing voltage even know the cart was shut off)
    Once i disconnected the volt meter from the wiring this person has not had a charging issue since.

    84 EZGO
    The wiring in this cart was pretty shabby. The individual who owns this car told me that he would charge his battery and he could drive it for awhile and then it wouldn't start.
    Also informed me that the starter generator was replaced before he bought the cart. I was able to get electrical specs and found that there was no wire on the "DF" terminal on the starter generator going to the voltage regulator and both "F1 and F2" terminals were hooked up backwards. The wire from the voltage regulator was connected to "F1" terminal. Switched these wires all up and made sure that anything else that was connected to the starter generator was wired properly. Which it was and this cart has been running ever since.

    03 Club Car
    Individual was in the same boat as the guy with the 84 EZGO. Grab the wiring specs and everything was wired correctly. Took the negative test lead from my multimeter and held it on the "DF" terminal on the Starter generator. Held the positive test lead on the positive post on the battery. Started the cart in maintenance mode and the voltage began to drop.
    Told the owner, need to replace your voltage regulator. which is located in a plastic box just to left or right depending on how your looking at the motor. Your throttle cable and solenoid are in this box as well. Simple replacement. Only 3 wires (black,green and red) Black is "D-", Green is "DF" and Red is "D+". Cost$80.00 CDN.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the information, If you don't mind and in order to make it article quality, I fixed a lot of spelling errors but I left everything you wrote, I didn't delete or add to your wording
    Michael Eddie


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      I have a Yamaha G16. Cart will start when battery is fully charged but soon as it starts the battery shows about 6 volts. If I cut the cart off the battery will soon go back up to 12.5. Anybody know whats going on?


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