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Electric F/R contactor

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  • Electric F/R contactor

    Here is one of the simplest drawing anywhere on doing a F/R contactor.

    This is for series carts no matter what brand.

    Ok here it is again with some added features. Sorry guy's I'm not a drawer.

    Say the batteries are 12 volts in the picture. 3 of them which is 36 volts. This applies to any cart and any wiring. Voltage doesn't care which one it is.
    The main contactor is 36 volts so. You take the back side which is the big terminal that has no power on it when the key is in the off position. The cable from solenoid to controller side. Attach the activation hot wire for the F/R switch. Then the wire for Forward is attached to contactor as is the wire for the reverse side. Then run the ground wire to the - of 3rd battery. Simple.

    Now if the F/R contactor is 12 volt activated then we need to run the power wire from the same terminal to the switch and both the F/R wires. The ground wire though will go back to the - of the first battery. This gives you the 12 volts and when you turn the key off it cuts power to the switch. You can stair step it all the way up,24v,36,48,60,72,84,96 whatever. Simple guy's.

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    I'm here to help!
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