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G2 wont start

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  • G2 wont start


    i have a 90 g2 gas. Ran fine for years but started a month ago running for 10 minutes, then stopping. Wait 15 mins and it ran again. Now it doesnt start at all. Good power to and through the pedal switch to the solenoid. Solenoid had 12v in and 12v on boths small posts but nothing on the big terminal out. Bought a new solenoid and it got voltage on all terminals when the pedal is depressed as well as voltage on both terminals of the starter generator. Engine turns when i jump the solenoid but cart soesnt run. There is spark at the plug. Fuel is pumping in to the carb. All wires are tight and the fuse on the drivers wheel well is good. Ground to the battery is solid Im at a loss. Any help is appreciated.

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    Migraman did you every figure you issue out? if so what was the solution?


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