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Excessive Inrush current blows fuse Ruff & Tuff

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  • Excessive Inrush current blows fuse Ruff & Tuff

    Ruff & Tuff 2008 TREV Cruiser 4PA golf cart
    Recently started experiencing an intermittent "pick up" problem. Press accelerator peal...nothing. try again and again. Eventually, about mid-throttle, the unit responds with a lurch.
    Thought it might be a problem with the relays, so removed both Fwd & Rev, cleaned contacts, swapped and replaced them. AOK for a couple weeks, but noticed that I didn't have any lights.
    Trouble shooting revealed that there was still an intermittent pickup problem, though not as noticeable as before, but now, the inrush current is enough to blow the 20A fuse in the 12 V circuit, killing lights, horn, brake lights, etc. Motor power circuit is AOK.

    Anybody have any idea as to what the problem/resolution is? (I don't have a local mehanic that's R&T savvy.)

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