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    I don't currently have a cart. I'm going to buy and/or build one to drive around the neighborhood way out in the country. I understand the requirements to make it street legal. I used to work on carts a really long time ago, and once helped my boss put a motorcycle engine in one. That was fun.
    My goals are this:
    1) Low initial investment - I would rather repair, upgrade an and paint one than spend a ton of $$ on a pretty one that's not exactly what I want. Also I am not rolling in dough.
    2) Good torque for pulling hills - I don't need to pull wheelies or do 45MPH, but I don't want to barely make it up the hills around here. 25MPH is fun enough, if it happens to go faster, OK.
    3) Electric Start - I am getting old, and I don't want the wife to have to pull start anything, either.
    4) Larger wheels/tires. The roads around here are not the best, and larger wheels absorb bumps better.

    That's it, really.
    I have no brand preferences, it can be a used motorcycle or snowmobile engine, or one of those harbor freight predator v-twins. Just looking for power enough to get up hills, and low final cost.
    I would rather simply swap a motor instead of 'souping up' a motor. Stock stuff lasts longer, if I want to go faster I will just select a larger motor.

    I have an open mind. Let me know what you think!


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