Staying Cozy on the Course, A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Golf Cart Heater


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  • Staying Cozy on the Course, A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Golf Cart Heater

    Golf cart heaters are essential accessories for staying warm and comfortable during chilly rounds on the course. When considering a heater for your golf cart, several factors should be taken into account to ensure you make the right choice. Here's a comparison of various add on golf cart heaters:
    1. Portable Propane Heaters:
      • Fuel Type: Propane heaters use small propane canisters, providing efficient heat output typically for up to 5 hours.
      • Portability: Easily transportable, these heaters can be moved between golf carts or even used for outdoor activities.
      • Heat Output: Typically offer substantial heat, warming the cart quickly.
      • Safety Features: Look for heaters with auto-shutoff mechanisms for safety.
      • Consideration: Ensure compatibility with your golf cart's setup and sufficient ventilation.
      • BTU Rating: Look for units with higher BTU ratings for greater heat output. A range between 3,000 to 6,000 BTUs is common.
      • Run Time: Check the estimated run time per propane canister for longer outings.
      • Weight and Size: Consider the weight and dimensions for portability and storage.
      • Ignition: Some models offer easy push-button ignition for hassle-free starting.
    2. Electric Heaters:
      • Power Source: Plug into the cart's electrical system or use a separate power source.
      • Ease of Installation: Some models may require professional installation due to electrical considerations.
      • Heat Output: May offer more consistent and adjustable heat settings.
      • Energy Efficiency: Check for energy-efficient models to avoid excessive battery drain.
      • Safety Features: Look for heaters with overheat protection and safe wiring.
      • Voltage: Ensure compatibility with your cart's voltage (e.g., 12V, 36v or 48V systems).
      • Wattage: Higher wattage units generally offer more heat. Look for heaters between 300W to 750W.
      • Wire Length: Consider the length of the power line for convenient placement within the cart.
      • Adjustable Settings: Check for units with adjustable heat settings for personalized comfort.
    3. Windshield Defrosting Heaters:
      • Specific Functionality: Primarily designed to defrost or prevent fogging on windshields.
      • Compact Size: Smaller units focused on targeted heating for windshields.
      • Installation: Usually easier to install due to their size and specific purpose.
      • Consideration: Ideal for golf carts with windshields needing defrosting during cold weather.
      • Defrosting Capacity: Consider the heater's effectiveness in defrosting windshields in colder temperatures.
      • Mounting Options: Check compatibility with your cart's windshield and ease of installation.
      • Power Consumption: Verify the power draw to ensure it aligns with your cart's electrical capacity.

    Overall Considerations When Choosing:
    • Cart Compatibility: Ensure the heater is compatible with your specific golf cart model and size.
    • Installation Complexity: Consider whether professional installation might be needed for certain heaters.
    • Safety Features: Prioritize heaters with safety features like auto-shutoff, overheat protection, and proper wiring.
    • Heat Output and Efficiency: Balance heat output with energy efficiency to prevent excessive battery drain.
    • Portability vs. Fixed Installation: Decide between portable units and those requiring permanent installation based on your needs.
    • Materials and Durability: Evaluate the construction materials for durability and resistance to outdoor elements.
    • Safety Certifications: Prioritize heaters with safety certifications (e.g., UL certification) for electrical components.
    • Warranty: Check for warranties that cover defects or malfunctions for a specified period.
    Installing a heater in a 36V or 48V golf cart involves considerations based on the type of heater chosen and the cart's electrical system. Electric heaters usually require connecting to the cart's batteries or electrical system. These typically involve mounting the heater securely and then wiring it to the appropriate power source. Portable gas heaters, on the other hand, provide a different installation process. These units are often more straightforward to install as they don't require integration with the cart's electrical system. Instead, they use propane canisters as a fuel source and generally involve placing the heater securely in the cart and connecting it to the propane supply. However, ensuring proper ventilation and safe usage of gas heaters is essential for safety.

    Electric heaters are more permanent fixtures once installed, often requiring a bit more effort for integration but can offer consistent and controlled heating without the need for additional fuel. They rely on the cart's electrical system and might cause a drain on the batteries, affecting overall cart performance.

    Ultimately, the choice between electric and portable gas heaters depends on your specific needs and preferences. Before purchasing, review product specifications, user reviews, and installation requirements to ensure you select a heater that meets your golf cart heating needs effectively and safely.
    Updated by Michael Eddie; December 23, 2023, 09:29 PM.

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    Looking to keep warm on chilly days while cruising around in the golf cart? Our photo example showcases an electric defroster and a portable propane golf cart heater, adding comfort and warmth to your ride. An electric defroster provides clear visibility by quickly and effectively removing frost and fog from your windshield. Meanwhile, a propane golf cart cup holder heater provides cozy warmth, allowing you to stay warm even on the coolest of days. With these handy accessories, you can extend your drive and make every ride more enjoyable regardless of the weather.

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