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2004 gas ezgo txt suspension problems

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  • 2004 gas ezgo txt suspension problems

    i have a 2004 ezgo txt 4 cycle gas engine with suspension problems. the symptoms is very bad sway from side to side at higher speeds when I hit a slight bump or dip in the road. When looking at the front of the cart, the passenger side sits what appears to be a few inches higher then the drivers side. if I rock the golf cart back and forth from the passenger side, the golf cart front passenger tire literally bounces off the ground with very minimal effort. if I do the same on the drivers side, its pretty solid and no way can I bounce the driver front tire off the ground. The only issues upon visual inspection is, I can see is the passenger wheel has a very slight play up and down on the king pin, is this normal? and the shock seems to be extended almost to its max. When the shocks go bad, would they extend all the way open(as in you pulled them apart)? is the play in the king pin normal? the tire rod and entire rack and pinion has been changed out. the leaf springs seem to be straight, solid and intact. I cant find anything else loose. but golf cart is almost undrivable do to the sway. wheel bearing are good or at least appear to be good. no slop, play or noise. I'm thinking bad shock but I would think they would be collapsed if bad. not fully extended. anyones help is greatly appreciated. I need to stop this sway!! thank you all

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    Sounds like you have bad shocks, my 2001 had a bad steering issue, driver side front and rear sagged lower than the passenger. I ordered a RHOX A-Arm lift kit and replaced the entire front end but also ordered new leaf springs and shocks for the rear. Cart now sits level, no sway or roll at any speed.


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