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  • Question about rear differential

    Hello all...I'm new to golf carts and only bought one (cheap) for a project to keep my brain active. It is basically a "junk yard" cart and I blew a whole $100 bucks on it. I "think" it's a Tomberlin cart and I "think" it was originally a gas engine cart (I say that because it has an "Oil Warning" light on the panel. It does not have an engine).

    Somebody in the past welded a chain sprocket to the rear clutch so I'm thinking that maybe someone had an engine with a go kart centrifugal clutch on it.

    I have a question about the rear differential. On the front of the differential is what appear to be a "forward, neutral & reverse" gearbox. On top of the differential is a lever that I have not figured out what it does, Can anybody tell me what that lever does?

    I have included a photo.


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