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TCR settings possible for ROVE carts?

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  • TCR settings possible for ROVE carts?


    pretty well known that I loathe cartridges, but... surprise!, after a number of folks suggested I give it another try, I bought a handful of ROVE carts today.

    Used to using TCR for my Divine Tribe atomizers on the Joyetech VTwo Mini and eLeaf Invoke 220W.
    (I have not yet upgraded to Artic Fox, so I have no idea if these carts are usable with PID?)

    Dropped the wattage down to about 7.5w for the time being...
    not as hot and nasty as the pens, but no doubt could be a little smoother with TCR.
    the 18650 battery should last a wee bit longer than those sad pen batteries!

    may be the only way I will be able to get Trainwreck, Grape Ape, Purple Urkle, etc...
    sad state of affairs

    that said, I'll still be relying on my edibles and DT vapes for the heavy lifting.

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