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What Is the difference between Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha golf carts?

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  • What Is the difference between Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha golf carts?

    With today’s rising competition between the three main golf cart manufacturers, it has made their golf carts seem more alike in style, look and performance.

    When the very popular question comes up 'who's the best?' it is truly based on personal opinion. I would like to highlight the features the following golf carts have unique to their name.

    Use this article to better help you find what golf cart is right for you.

    Club Car
    Club Car most often uses automotive style Leaf Spring Suspension on their golf carts. It is said to offer a much smoother ride than coil springs and struts. All Club Car DS models feature an Aluminum Frame which prevents corrosion and rust that could affect any steel frame.

    For almost 15 years, E-Z-GO has used a Twin Cylinder Robin 295 and 350cc motorcycle engine in their golf carts. Their newest model, the RXV, features an all new single cylinder 401cc low emissions engine. The very popular Marathon and TXT has what is known as a Remote Air Intake, which gathers air for the engine in a more suitable location, rather than directly at the tip of the carburetor.

    Yamaha Golf Car
    One of the only companies out of the three that Manufacture Their Own Gasoline Engines for their golf carts. Ezgo and Club Car acquire their engines from a third-party manufacture. They have also developed the industries first 5-MPH Rated Bumpers. The Yamaha Drive comes stock with air cushioned bumpers which release air on impact in the event of a mishap.
    Michael Eddie

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