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Is my electric Club Car regen I or regen II or I.Q. system?

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  • Is my electric Club Car regen I or regen II or I.Q. system?

    The term 'regen' is short for regenerative. It feels like a break is being applied as you travel down a hill, but what is really happening is your golf cart is using the speed increase you get when going down a hill to charge up the batteries.

    Determining if your golf cart has the regen system.
    The first thing to check for is that your golf cart uses a small electronic switch to shift into forward and reverse. If you see this you have determined that it is a regen Club Car.

    <a href=""><img src="" width="125" height="120" border="0"></a>

    Determining if you have an I.Q. system.
    Look on the bottom of the electronic forward/reverse switch I was talking about earlier. If there is a small plug on the bottom of the switch, you have an I.Q. cart. If you have no plug, your golf cart does not have an I.Q. system, proceed to the next step.

    <a href=""><img src="" width="125" height="125" border="0"></a>

    Regen I or Regen II.
    If you do not have that plug I was talking about in the previous step, then your cart is either regen I or regen II. To determine this, look at the controller. Regen I uses a black controller. Regen II uses an silver aluminum covered controller.
    <IMGSRC="<A target="_blank" href=""><IMGSRC="<A target="_blank" href=""></TR>
    Michael Eddie

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