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2008 48v Rxv rear lift

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  • 2008 48v Rxv rear lift

    If anyone else has had an issue with the rear end bottoming out when loading up the cargo bed and you have a welder, there's an easy rear lift. Just finished approx. 4" lift with no extra parts as long you have access to a welder. Cut the driver side and passenger axle spring mount off and re-weld to the opposite side on top of the axle. You still use original u-bolts but on opposite sides as well. Make a small extension bracket for the shock and your done. Took approximately 3 hours. Now you can load it up or have People on the seat and no bottoming out. Just took it for a drive and it's a dream compared to factory! Photo soon......
    Home lift!!

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    Welcome to Golf Carts Forum,

    Thanks for sharing, looks great so far. Do you have a photo of it loaded?
    Michael Eddie


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      Also while tinkering I gave it a quick lift in the front by moving the top shock mount down to the next factory hole. A little over an inch lift. More pics soon, loaded as well. Cheers


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