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  • Forward for only a few seconds


    Newbie here who needs some help with his first electric golf cart.

    A Yamaha golf cart was donated to me, supposedly in working condition except from some tired batteries.
    I believe it is from around 2013 and is a model Drive. It has forward/reverse switch on the "dash" just in front of the cup holders.
    The plate with model and serial number is under the seat, but worn to a point where not a single letter or number can be read.

    I installed 4 new batteries, Trojan T1275, cleaned the crud of the cables and thought it was ready to go.
    When I first hooked up the batteries I heard a relay clicking about 4-5 times.
    I jumped in and turned the key, switch in forward, and hit the pedal.
    It went forward for a couple of seconds, then I switched to reverse, trying to maneuver out of a tight spot.
    When I cleared the obstacles I went forward for a few seconds, and I heard a relay click, and power was lost.
    Switching to reverse worked fine, but going forward again lasted only a second or two, and I hear a relay drop again.

    After each time the relay drops I have to wait several seconds with the key in off position before I can turn it on and get another second or two of forward motion.

    Does anyone here have any idea what is going on with this possessed cart?

    I did learn that I have to disable that annoying reverse buzzer.

    Thanks for any help or advice!


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