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Rxv cruise control with electronic brake switch

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  • Rxv cruise control with electronic brake switch

    Hey boys!
    Just finished testing my prototype electronic cruise control for my 2008 RXV. Works great! Uses factory 5v controller wires. Optocoupler as well as relays keep the circuits isolated from the controller.
    while accelerator is pressed you push a momentary button to engage my circuit. Speed is then adjusted with a potentiometer on the dash. My electronic brake switch sends a signal as soon as the brake pedal is pushed and kicks off the cruize.
    The transistor Iíve used for the brake switch will drive led tail lights or hook up through a relay for bulbs.
    Anyone interested Iím working on a kit now.
    Brake kit uses the 5v circuit from the factory connector and puts out 12v when pedal outputs over 1v.
    The speed control outputs 1.5 to 4.2v so it may be able to work with other electric carts.
    Iíll try to compress a video to post.
    VERY COOL and great for long runs.

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    Hereís a video of it in action. Hard to film alone so sorry for the jitter. Could have used a micro controller to read the throttle and then hold it but I figured simpler is better in this case. Itís actually nice having the separate throttle dial. Cheers


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