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2016 Drive2 Quiet Tech EFI no spark (sometimes)

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  • 2016 Drive2 Quiet Tech EFI no spark (sometimes)

    This cart stops intermittently and then a few seconds later starts again. It is not very consistent, but here's what I know.
    1. It fails most often on an incline, up the fairly steep hill in my yard.
    2. it happens most often when it is not fully warmed up.
    3. The cause is a loss of spark
    This problem has been ongoing for more than a year. If I take it to a dealer, I have no doubt they will not find the problem unless they drive it up a steep hill when it is cold.
    At first I thought it was water in the gas tank because it most often fails going up hill. I was thinking that while going up hill the water must be pooling near the fuel pickup. While working on that theory, I noticed that when it stops, I can smell raw gas. That got me started on the idea that it was flooding, but that too fell apart when I finally got a chance to see that the spark was missing after testing that several times. I finally saw the spark was missing and then when it returned, it started right up.

    So today, it has been definitely narrowed down to a loss of spark when cold and almost always while going uphill. I write this today because it stopped on level ground (when cold) and so far, about 20 minutes, it still won't start. Just checked it and there is no spark.

    If it stays like this through the weekend, I might take it to the dealer so they can fix it. If it starts up again sometime in the next couple days, I am right back where I started.

    Any suggestions on things that can be checked on this EFI engine? Is there any kind of ODB ll like diagnostics that can be done? It is a really nice cart but this problem is making it a real pain in the neck.

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