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My G1 creeps before it fires.

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  • My G1 creeps before it fires.

    This old cart runs awesome and seems to be built like a tank. But.... in either gear the cart creeps as soon as the starter motor comes alive (way before the engine fires). Then when it does fire, the throttle is too far open which makes for jerky starts. So I'm not able to be at rest and idle. I blocked up the rear of the cart. Even though the belt seems to have enough slack, the primary clutch starts compressing just from the rpm generated from the starter motor. That can't be right. Weak clutch spring? Also, the cart is pretty dirty, but I can't seem to find the black & white wires to disable the pedal switch (I was going to check the idle rpm). Any ideas?

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    Found the black & white wire, set my idle (with the belt still on). Al........ most able to remain stationary at idle. But she's still creeping just from the starter-motor rpm. Is this normal?


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