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2000 G16A Yamaha cart

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  • 2000 G16A Yamaha cart

    I just acquired this cart. Its in very good shape and i want to make it tough looking. Im going to add a 4" block lift and wheels and tires. Does anyone have wheel and tire size i was thinking 20" tires. What can i do to engine amd clutches.

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    I have a 2000 G16 with a Jake's Lift Kit installed by previous Owner, here's a Link to a Jake's 5" Lift Kit:
    There are probably other Brands of Lift Kits available as well as aftermarket Clutch Kits, Springs and Belts etc...
    I also have seen Graphics Kits available online to change the look of your Ride.
    Some people have installed Big Bore Kits or even larger Engine Swaps...
    I might suggest visiting a Used Golf Cart Retailer that purchases Fleets of Used Carts from Golf Courses and then "Blings Them Out" to get some ideas of things to do including Wheels and Tires etc...


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