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Yamaha jerks when peddle pressed

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  • Yamaha jerks when peddle pressed

    I'm new to golf carts and don't know much. I have a yamaha electric cart that we believe to be a G29 but we have no clue. The cart has always been smooth to ride on and gentle when accelerating. Recently it began to jerk for several seconds when you first depress the accelerator. After some online research I figured it was either the selinoid or batteries. I replaced the selinoid and it improved but it was not back to normal. Then I replaced the batteries which were 5 years and some months old and again it got better but not back to as it was before. When you first press the pedal there is a a jerk that lasts maybe half a second to one second. Again, this was not what happened before. I'm worried this may be an indicator of a more serious problem to come. Can anyone advise me? There is no local yamaha dealer or service center where I live and the EZGO service shop wont work on Yamaha's.

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