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Cushman golfster Early 70s model

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  • Cushman golfster Early 70s model

    Looking for a little help. I'm working on a Cushman Golfster for a friend, Kohler 10hp. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb and got it running good, that is good for a while. Starts fine and is drivable for about 10min, then sputters out and dies. Still cranks and has spark but won't start without a shot of starting fluid. Then it will run for a min or two and dies again. It runs longer then the shot of starting fluid should last so I'm 90% it's running on gas too. If I let it cool down for 10-15, it starts fine and runs good for a little while more. After it cools completely, it runs good again.

    Ideas, the engine is not burning up, I can hold my hand on the top of the engine no problem. It cranks so the solenoid is good, has spark so the coil is good... What else could it be.

    Thanks for any advise!


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