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  • 66 transmission don't knows

    Hi. Bought a 66 basket case(litterely). Po took it all apart had the frame powder coated. Said the engine ran good. The fiberglass is all good, seats are shot but it all seems to be there.

    Now on to the transmission. These first 4 or 5 years have a transmission. Trying to move the shift lever was a no go. It was stuck. I opened up the casing and cleaned and lubed all the stuck parts and for the life of me I can't figure out how this would spin in reverse? Moving the shift lever one way locks up the small gear on the right and frees up the small gear on the left, hence allowing the big gear connected to the drive shaft to make the cart go forward. When I move the shift lever the other way it locks up both small gears. With both gears locked up there is no way the big gear can turn. One has to be free wheeling.

    Help!! If anyone out there knows anything about these little transmissions and can send me in the right direction, it would be a big help. Thanks Paul.

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