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    I am pulling my hair out over a 2001 EZGO TXT Gas with no spark. Replaced bad engine with rebuilt engine and had spark before replacing engine but no spark now. Have replaced pulsar with new, tried different air gaps on pulsar, tried a new ignitor, replaced coil, sanded off all ground points, checked all connections, replaced some wires that I thought might be questionable, new plugs, checked for spark with spark checker, have rechecked all connections about 25 times and still no spark. Engine turns over fine but here is what I have. Pulsar ohms out 18 ohms, when engine turning over the most ac voltage I can get is about .45 volts from pulsar. checked voltage on primary side of coil and get about 10.9 when cranking from + (red wire of coil) to battery ground (-). Get 0 voltage from + to - on coil primary. Voltage at battery across terminals reads 12.6 volts. Can anyone help? The pulsar voltage seems abit low to me but I can't get any more from it and have the air gap at about .004. The more gap I set (up to .032) the weaker the pulsar voltage. I'm wondering if something has happened to the flywheel. HELP I'm having nightmares over this. Even called a tech from another shop over to look and he is stumped. Thanks.

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