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I'm contemplating buying a '95 EZGO with a Robin gas engine

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  • I'm contemplating buying a '95 EZGO with a Robin gas engine

    It's very clean, and has been stored inside. Steering is tight, and everything works. I've owned a Club Car with the Kawasaki engine, but had issues with that, and sold it. I'm trying to find out more about the Robin 4-stroke engines, but there is very little info out there. I'm just trying to compare dependability of the Robin to the Kawasaki. This will just be used to ride on the farm. Thanks for any info!

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    I work for an EZGO dealership and in my opinion, that Robin engine was the best golf cart engine ever made. It is smooth and quiet and i have not experienced many problems with them. The only con that I could comment on is that if something ever did go wrong with it, the internal parts of the engine can be quite expensive. If you change the oil regularly you shouldn't have any problems with the engine. If it is getting heavy use daily year round, I would change the oil about every 3 months. If it gets minimal or light use I would change the oil annually.

    Hope this helps


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