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Help! EZ GO Suddenly Stopeed

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  • Help! EZ GO Suddenly Stopeed

    Grandchild was driving my 2004 36 volt EZ Go. Was running great...She backed up and then put in forward without coming to a full stop and now it won't go at all. Batteries are fully charged. Solenoid clicks when pedal is pressed. Any ideas as to what might be the problem? Thanks so much

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    Could be the brake pedal. Cart needs to see the brake in the home position when key is turned on. It happened with my rxv for quite a while and could only get it to go by shaking the brake pedal back and forth a few times. I ended up having to replace the electric brake because of the intermittent connection from the brake switch. I drive on rough terrain and the brake switch was pulsing. After changing the brake I took out the pedal assemble and cleaned the heck out of the pin switch with brake clean, blew it out with air and itís been perfect for over a year. Might be the same for txt.


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