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EZGO TXT wiring help

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  • EZGO TXT wiring help

    I just bought a 1996 EzGO TXT cart. The wiring doesn't look right, so I am in the process of replacing old corroded wiring. My problem is that some of the wires were not connected. I kind of have an idea of how to wire based on the service manual, but I am not an electrical engineer and those wiring diagrams are sometimes confusing. One thing I do see is that the solenoid does not have a diode or resistor installed. The guy I bought the cart from said the cart does work. I want to know if its dangerous or can permanent damage be done if I rewire the cart and test it without the resistor and diode? I have not witnessed the cart in operation so I'm taking his word that it works and by making that leap, I assume those two parts are not required for the motor to spin the wheels. I am ordering the replacements, but in the mean time I would like to start testing things.

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