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  • Very Slow Moving

    I have an EZGO freedom RXV 48 volt.
    The cart sat up for a while and all the batteries died. (4 trojan 12v) I used a restore solution to avoid paying 200+ for new batteries. It seems to have worked. I've charged them separately during the restore process and all were above 12v. I hooked them all up and it worked great. Full speed, no issues. My daughter was driving it and went into the house to get something. Turned the key off, went inside for about 5 minutes came back out turned the key on, put it in reverse. barely moves. Put it in forward, barely moves. Almost like it is in limp mode. I charge it as a 48v system altogether. on trickle day and a half later charger shows still charging. I hear the batteries gurgling, so i pulled the charger off. I tested the system. Shows 53v. Test each battery, all over in the 12.3v area. One battery showed exactly 12v. I checked cables all tight except for one. Cable at the eyelet was about broken. Replaced it thinking it was the problem. Still moves very slow like its in limp mode. Any ideas?
    All help is greatly appreciated.

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    Does anyone read and/or respond to these? LOL


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      Well ok. Guess Iíll go find a real golf cart forum.


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