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Install GPS in 2018 Gas Onward

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  • Install GPS in 2018 Gas Onward


    I need to install a Trackmate Mini H GPS 3G in by 2018 Gas Onward. The trackmate technical representative stated for best performance I need to wire it to the ignition switch. Can anyone advise on where I actually attach to the ignition?

    1) Do I have to extend a wire all the way to the ignition switch and wire right where I enter the key?
    2) Can I attach the GPS ignition wire at the starter? (where is the starter?)
    If anyone has a wiring diagram with directions on what I need to do that would be terrific!

    Thanks in advance!


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    I use GPS on my fleet vehicles and use the frame for ground and take the hot lead to the side that is hot when the key is turned to the on position. If you take it to the always hot side, you will eventually discharge the battery if the cart sits a lot.


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