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club car no spark

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  • club car no spark

    I hope I do this right just join ... I have change the coil replaced the Rev/limiter box replaced the micro switches on the fw./rev. lever still no spark my club car is a 1996 AG9635-521342 . does this model have a controller an a obc if so where is it, also a run/toe switch ? I do not have much hair left. thanks clydeglide

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    your cart does not have the obc and run tow switch. here is the link to the sevice manual
    Start by checking the ground circuit it kills the spark by grounding the coil. There are micro switches located in the box beside the battery and air cleaner.


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      thanks, wthompson I will check the ground, micro switches the link for the manual will help a lot. hope this works


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        hello still no spark on my 1996 club car golf cart I replaced the coil this is the second coil, two new micro switches on the fw/rev lever, also replace the rpm limit switch even a new spark plug. I thought it was a bad coil but after replacing with a new one that was not the problem . I check the Ignition switch it check out ok need help thanks clydeglide


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          disconnect the small white/black wire has a connector near oil fill tube and see if you get a spark, that will disconnect the kill wire.


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            help about to wave the white flag still no spark , new coil new rev\ limit sw. new ignition switch . I took the bl.\wh wire loose from the rev \limit sw. took ground off of limit sw. the coil has the igniter built in . the wires in the horness from the switch look good I know there is something i'm over looking have not replace the micro switch on the forward \rev ,but when forward ,the peddle is push engine turns, when in rev. the buzzer sounds an the engine turns. club car 1996 ag9635-521342 thanks clydeglide


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              If you disconnected the black/white wire down near the dip stick base this takes switches (key sw., micro in black box, micro on f/r sw) out of the kill circuit. If you still have no spark disconnect brown wire from mounting bolt on rev limiter and tape it so it doesn't touch metal on engine. this by-passes the limiter.
              If you still have no spark replace the ignitor with a known good one, or use the 97-UP coil with built in ignitor. Make sure you unplug the old ignitor if you use the new style.
              Also check the gap between coil and flywheel should be .012.
              That's about all i can think of... Hope this helps.


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                thanks wthompson I disconnected the blk\white wire by the dipstick also tape the brown ground still no spark, every.thing leads to a bad coil, this is my second new., coil the only thing I can think of these coils do not have the built in igniter, I'll find out tomorrow for sure, thanks so much for your support ..... let you know how this turns out


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                  sounds like the problem I have with my 92 DS, I'm going to try it tomorrow.

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                I have a 1993 club car and have problems with the coils. It ran perfect for 2 years then the coil failed. I took it the authorized dealer and they replaced the coil and it ran fine for about 1 to 3 months. They replaced the coil 3 times and since then I have had to replace the coil 6 times about every 3 months.The gap is correct from the coil to the flywheel. The dust cover is on correctly so the fan works properly. The spark plug is not fouled and is working good but the spark appears to be weak on all the coils that I have installed. Could anyone recommend what could be causing the coils to fail.


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