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Batteries not fully charging

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  • Batteries not fully charging

    i am a club at 48V cart owner, I believe itís a 2008 with 2014 batteries. I have a deltaq battery charger for club car carts. My cart is only charging to about 66% to 70% and the cartís warning light is coming on at around my 12th hole of golf. Otherwise everything works well. Each of the 6 8V batteries test at 8V. I brought the cart and charger back to the shop that I purchased it from They kept it for almost a week and returned it saying that they could not find the problem.

    Anyone have ave experience with batteries not fully charging? Any ideas about what my problem may be?
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    Could be a number of reasons. Simply testing the voltage of the batteries isn't going to be enough to rule out the possibility that they are bad. They need to be tested under a load. I would start you off with the simple questions, how are the water levels? do you use distilled water? Are all connections right and clean. Have they ever gone dry? All all that checks out then you need to have them load tested. Good quality batteries average around 5 years under good conditions, I have replaced many sets of 2014 batteries this year already.


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