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Yamaha 48v battery cable question?

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  • Yamaha 48v battery cable question?

    On my 2012 YDRE cart, I have been able to get 8 years out of the Trojans that come with it and now I need to replace them and the cables.

    My question is can I use standard automotive cables to replace the ones I have on the battery bank? I have bought some cables from Advanced auto parts that are the same gauge #4 rated SAE J1127 but I am not sure if the voltage rating is the same for a golf car vs a car?

    Golf cart 48v Car 12v

    When I look at the spec's for SAE J1127 I see some rated at 60v and some rated at 600v. But one of the cables I pulled off did say it was SAE J1127?

    And these are switch to starter battery cables so both ends do have the crimped lug on the end.

    Or would I just be better to go to the dealer and buy my cables?


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    Best to replace with golf cart wires as they have more, finer strands of wire than typical auto cables. But auto cables will work. Just replaced my 8 gauge cables with 4 gauge for improved capacity.


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